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At OneTech, we offer a variety of programmes expertly designed to empower entrepreneurs with the knowledge, resources, support and network needed to power up their businesses ambitions! Select Enterprise Incubators, Survive and Pivot or Bootstrap School to find out more.

The Incubators

Founders Weekend

Founders Weekend (Ideation stage) is a weekend-long programme that will give you the tools to push forward with that idea you’ve had for so long. We will be introducing you to key concepts and methods to design, test and understand what product/service you really need to be creating for your potential market.

Suitable for: Budding entrepreneurs in search of methods and tools to test their business ideas.

Commitment: 15 hours (Saturday – Sunday)

Start: 3rd July 2021

Course Outline


Minimum Viable Product

The MVP incubator is a 12-week programme to help you create and build the very first version of your product/service, ready to launch. Over this programme, we will be supporting our founders to develop functional minimum viable products [MVPs] using no-code solutions to further validate their business ideas, test the functionality and use essential feedback to improve.

Suitable for: Entrepreneurs seeking to transform their idea into the first version of their product or service

Commitment: Minimum 2 hours a week for 12 weeks

Start: 19th April 2021

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The Traction incubator is a 12-week programme to help you find the market fit and gain the inbound marketing skills to attract, engage and retain your first customers and users of your product or service.

Suitable for: Entrepreneurs who have built an MVP or early version of their product and are ready to market

Commitment: Minimum 2 hours a week for 12 weeks

Start: 19th April 2021

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Funding Readiness

The Funding readiness incubator is a 12-week programme to help you understand the funding opportunities available to you and your business as well as get you ready to gain that funding.

Suitable for: Entrepreneurs who have a product with initial early customers, pilots, or those looking to scale.

Commitment: Minimum 2 hours a week for 12 weeks

Start: 19th April 2021

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In addition to content delivered live by business experts, you gain all-inclusive access to our Community Benefits, including Accountability Groups, Mentoring, 1-1 Coaching, special events and so much more – all for FREE!

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The Survive and Pivot Programme

OneTech and Foundervine have joined forces once again to support businesses in Camden, Hackney, Islington and Tower Hamlets impacted by the pandemic.

Beginning March 2021, the Survive and Pivot Programme will provide vital enterprise support and training— focusing on topics such as customer discovery, finance readiness and strategy. View the course overview here.

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Bootstrap School

Starting 18th May 2021, Bootstrap School powered by Google for Startups is a brand new programme built to teach founders how to successfully bootstrap their business to grow sustainably. This programme aims to empower founders outside London to acquire critical skills and knowledge in order to cultivate traction and develop sustainable revenue-based business models.


Course Outline:

– Lean Startup 101 & Business Model Canvas with Daniel Tuitt

– Your customer and their problem with Imelda Fossu

– Landing pages & Lead magnets that convert with Imelda Fossu

– Product Strategy, No-Code and Tools 

– The Sales Funnel with Emma Obanye

– The Power of Email Marketing and Automation

– Traffic, Copywriting and Content Marketing with Imelda Fossu


Each learning session is followed by an interactive workshop with an expert to expand, activate and apply  the knowledge and skills gained to your business venture. Plus, you will get access to £1000+ worth of resources and tools to power up your business and access the invaluable perks of OneTech’s community support, including mentoring, coaching, events and other exciting opportunities.

Applications are now closed.

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