Advice for first-time tech interns from industry leaders at One Tech’s Talent Spot 

Advice for first-time tech interns from industry leaders at One Tech’s Talent Spot 

Advice for first-time tech interns from industry leaders at One Tech’s Talent Spot  1500 1001 OneTech

On 28 March we were incredibly pleased to host our first One Tech Talent Spot and accompanying CAP Talent Intern Fair at CodeNode for a large group of students from a range of UK Universities. The primary aim of the events was to allow the graduates to see the broad spectrum of companies and people that make up the London tech ecosystem, and also provide them with the opportunity to obtain internships at exciting high-growth startups.

We were excited to welcome representatives from Redcat DigitalCountBlack Young Professionals23 Code StreetBackstage Capital, People of Colour in Tech and Creative Rowe at sessions during the first half of the day, each providing invaluable information to the students and recent graduates. KageNovaTick.DoneOdin Medical and Spaghetti Brain were just some of the companies involved in the proceeding intern fair.

During the ‘One Tech Talent Spot’ section, the students were inundated with valuable advice from the host of inspiring speakers. The below represents just some of the important lessons passed on! 


1)    “Be deliberate!” – Taylor Brownlow, Head of Customer Analytics – Count

 Taylor referenced the need to be ‘deliberate’ when thinking about what internships you go for – she reminded the audience it is as much about what you want to get out of it, as it is for the company, and you need to focus in on exactly what you want from it, as well as what might not be working for you.


2)    “People hire people” – Charlie Rowe, Contract VD/UI/UX Designer – Creative Rowe

The ‘UX/UI Design’ was an especially popular session at the event, with many eager to understand what the first step towards a career in the field are. Charlie suggested that what was needed above all else was personality, with a natural curiosity being paramount – telling the audience ‘studies don’t make you a UX designer (although useful!), attitude does’.


3)    “Every company is going to be a tech company” – Michael Berhane, CEO – People of Colour in Tech

This hammered home that there’s no getting away from the need for tech skills – whilst coding might not be for you, even if you chose something seemingly more ‘creative’, such as marketing, the level of automation that’s going to be introduced means there’s certainly no escape! Michael’s was an especially inspiring speech, with him rallying the audience to chant ‘tech is for everyone!’.


Kike Oniwinde of Black Young Professionals spoke about her journey, sharing all of the benefits of working for a startup that attendees might not have already considered: the level of autonomy and seeing something being built from the ground up being just some of these.

The Intern Fair then welcomed an additional 25 startups and 75 students to CodeNode, where students met and chatted to the high-growth startup companies that are looking to hire a summer intern through our CAP Talent programme.

Startups in attendance represented a whole range of growing tech sectors, from Virtual Reality to health technology, AI for Sports and Media, Education Technology and more, and were all actively looking to hire bright talent for a range of exciting intern roles.

Some examples of roles represented at the fair and that are available through the CAP Talent programme include ‘Creative Lead’, ‘AI Performance Engineer’, ‘Business Development Intern’, and ‘Games Developer Intern’, to name a few.

Through CAP Talent and the internship placements, we will be bridging the gap between the best and brightest talent with the exciting startups that London’s tech ecosystem has to offer.

If you’d like to continue to hear about the One Tech Talent support programme for early-stage startups and other affiliated events, please enter your details here. If you have any questions, please feel free to email genevieve@capitalenterprise.org.

For more information about CAP Talent, whether you’re a startup looking to hire or a student interested in an internship, please follow this link or feel free to email gracie@capitalenterprise.org.