underrepresented entrepreneurs

£300K - £1.5M

investment rounds


week programme

Application Deadline >> 5th May 2019

The Pioneer

The Pioneer Programme is a light touch, 5-week investment readiness programme for underrepresented entrepreneurs.
The aim of this activity is to assist London based underrepresented tech founders to reach a credible position to raise seed stage funding (£300k – £1.5M).
We will leverage our connections within the London Investment scene to introduce founders to and set up meetings with early stage VC and angel investors in the relevant sectors.
We are free for founders to take part in all we ask for is founders who are driven with a strong product and keen to make the most of the advice and opportunities provided on the programme.

The Startups

The Partners

Over the course of the programme we’ll be working with a range of Investment partners who will be provide support through workshops mentoring and advice.

Key Dates

08/05/19 – Selection of the 15 Startups
15/05/19 – Introduction to Ecosystem Workshop
22/05/19 – Investment Masterclass Workshop
28/05/19 – Crafting your story Workshop
29/05/19 – Pitch Doctor Workshop
05/06/19 – Presentation and Communication Workshop
12/06/19 – Demo Day

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