A Day in the Life of Emma Obanye, Managing Director of OneTech

A Day in the Life of Emma Obanye, Managing Director of OneTech

A Day in the Life of Emma Obanye, Managing Director of OneTech 1080 1080 OneTech

Our Managing Director, Emma Obanye, shares a day in her life as she goes to a meeting at 10 Downing Street to discuss improving diversity and increasing funding opportunities for women. Oh, and Emma bumps into Amanda Holden along the way...


I woke up and started the day with my current very enjoyable morning ritual of feeding my twin boys! When in London I stay at my Mum’s, so we discussed the events in Ukraine whilst she watched GMB and I had some breakfast.


I jumped on slack to update the team. Next I prepared my notebook with some of the main points I wanted to discuss at my meeting at 10 Downing Street.


I got on the tube, jumped off at Leicester Square and started walking through the square. The sun was shining, I was listening to my Bangers playlist and enjoying life. I haven’t walked through central London in years, so enjoyed the morning hustle and bustle and was pleasantly surprised to see that the square was relatively empty.

Then I see a lady in red walking towards me with a microphone. My first thoughts are, I’m running a bit late and don’t think I have much time to stop and chat. But as the lady in red got closer to me,  I recognise this person. The neurons fired and I got rather excited. The Lady in red is no other than Amanda Holden. I thought maybe Britain’s Got Talent or X Factor is making a comeback and I’ll finally get my shot.


Hi, I’m Amanda Holden and today I’m asking people to ask me anything they want and I’ll do my best to give a response. Do you have a question for me?” I think quickly and respond: “as today is IWD, what needs to happen to make this day more impactful?” Amanda responds: “we need greater equality and pay


Arrived at 10 Downing Street at precisely 10:30am, went through security with some of the other attendees and settled in the room.

The invite to attend came from Google who organised a round table to discuss access to finance for women and minorities with Business Minister Kwasi Kwarteng and the Prime Minister’s special advisor Myles Stacey.

The meeting lasted an hour and we discussed various things that could be done to improve access to finance. We gave our opinions, shared stories and suggested ways to improve.

After the event, we went for a short lunch in Regents Park to continue the conversation.


After lunch, I head back to Mum’s and join my team at our Women Incorporated 2022 event. I took part in our annual Office Hours for female founders and had wonderful conversations with a couple of founders who wanted some advice on their startups. It’s always a pleasure speaking directly with the amazing founders that are a part of OneTech’s Community, as well as the new faces who attended!


– Usually, I decompress from the workday by playing with my children and getting them ready for bed, however, today was a little different. We had to catch a flight back to Barcelona! So, I swapped my usual end-of-day rituals for a taxi to the airport, check-in and airport security.

I did proceed with one of my rituals though, I listened to some of my fave podcasts.
One I’m particularly interested in at the moment is called Lifespan by Dr. David Sinclair. And, for some humour, I usually put the Receipts podcast on to decompress.


I arrived home late, around 10 pm. I put the babies to bed. Then, I put myself to bed. From London’s bustling 10 Downing Street to our home in Barcelona – a very eventful day in my life, to say the least.

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