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What is OneTech Mastermind groups?

Our masterminds have been modeled on accountability groups. You will be matched with a group of entrepreneurs that are in a similar business stage:
- Ideation
- MVP development
- Traction/Growth
We will be discussing the challenges faced by our startups whilst operating in their current stage through brainstorming solutions, making connections and working towards growing your business to the next stage.

What do OneTech Mastermind groups involve?

As well as the chance to meet and network with other like-minded young founders at the event, you’ll also have access to the below:
- Dedicated support from 20 + expert mentors who can help with everything from marketing to protecting your Intellectual Property
- Chance to win £5k worth of prizes, supplied in the form of hardware, which can be used to accelerate your startup
- Chance to be a part of our FoundersDoor pre-Accelerator, run over weekends, which will provide continued support as your startup develops

How does it work?

OneTech Mastermind groups consist of a 3-month cohort designed to support entrepreneurs who are in a similar business stage.
We welcome founders from the tech sector who need help in a specific area of their business.

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