OneTech’s #FoundersSpotlight: Feedback Swap

OneTech’s #FoundersSpotlight: Feedback Swap

OneTech’s #FoundersSpotlight: Feedback Swap 1292 862 OneTech

Following Feedback Swap‘s amazing performance at OneTech’s Founders Weekend, and then them subsequently winning a place on our pre-Accelerator FoundersDoor (run in conjunction with YSYS), we were pleased to quickly checkin with them to see how their business idea is progressing and get their tips for other young aspiring founders.

Feedback Swap – founded by Bradie, and now joined by team members Eva, Gaby and Andy – is a Web platform that allows users to get unbiased feedback in exchange for giving it to others. They aim to build a community of entrepreneurs and empower them to build products that solve problems.

The team are currently looking for participants for their customer survey – if you can help, get in touch with Bradie!


What gave your founder Bradie the idea for Feedback Swap?


The idea came from my own frustrations not being able to get the feedback I needed on a previous project. I felt lost and alone and really needed outside  help to drive my project further. I started swapping feedback with other people who were in a similar position as myself on Reddit and that’s where the idea emerged.


How have you found the process of developing the business so far?


The process has been both difficult and rewarding. We are all enjoying the journey but it isn’t without its frustrations at times. We know we have to take this journey to get to the outcome but sometimes it feels like we are running in circles. Having the mentors, OneTech Founders Weekend and FoundersDoor has been an absolute blessing!


What would your tip for first time Founders be?


Make sure your have a solid team you enjoy spending time with. No matter what you are creating it will be a tough journey and it’s important you have the right team to work through it with. At the end of the day if you aren’t enjoying the process it will show in the result.

Don’t feel as if you need to know everything before you start but ensure you’re always actively learning from the people around you and in your own time. When you’ve approached a road block remember to always take a step back and reflect!