OneTech Community Support

Alongside our Events, Incubators and pre-Accelerators, registering with OneTech will give you access to our Community Support. This is for you if you are ready to commit some time, and you want support to build and grow your business… AND yourself as an entrepreneur!

The Community Support includes Accountability Groups, Coaching Sessions, Investor Office Hours, Access to Free and Affordable workspace as well as Offers and discounts. Read more about the support below.

The community support is made available on a first come first serve basis and if your application is successful you will have access for 6months.

Looking to up your game and improve your skills? OneTech Mastermind groups take you on an expert-led journey where you get to develop your skills as an entrepreneur.

In our Mastermind groups, you will get the opportunity to dive deeper into an area of entrepreneurship where you want to become more confident. Looking to improve your mindset, marketing or get ready for investment? We’ve got the insights and tricks to get you to the next level.

Mastermind groups require your commitment for 8 weeks

Entrepreneurship can be a rollercoaster, with so much time focused on developing our businesses it can be easy to forget ourselves in the process. Coaching can help you take a breather, gain clarity, focus and tools to handle your mindset.

The 1-2-1 coaching sessions are focused on what you feel is important to you and are a safe space for you to talk about anything that is on your mind (business or personal, anything goes!). Sessions are treated as confidential and topics can range from overwhelm and lack of clarity to building confidence or handling grief. You will not be given advice or told how to live your life and run your business. The sessions will increase your awareness of where you want to get to, uncover any hurdles in the way and provide you with some tools to navigate them.

Team Coaching is available for OneTech founders to help you consciously design your relationship and company culture. Sessions can support you to clarify roles and responsibilities, set out how to work through conflicts and disagreements and create a shared vision for the startup.


Through our partnership with WeWork, we offer free 3 months WeWork memberships for our female founders and have a strong network of affordable workspace providers which we can plug you into. OneTech community can apply to gain access.


We know starting a business means money can be tight, that’s why we provide our community with offers and discounts on relevant products and services, such as free credits for Amazon Web Services!!

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