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OneTech’s #FoundersSpotlight: Feedback Swap 1292 862 OneTech
OneTech’s #FoundersSpotlight: Feedback Swap
Meet Rashide Carvalho, Whipgo 4000 5996 OneTech
Meet Rashide Carvalho, Whipgo
Meet Michael Makinde, TiTo 4000 2668 OneTech
Meet Michael Makinde, TiTo
Meet Urenna Okonkwo, Chasmere 4000 2249 OneTech
Meet Urenna Okonkwo, Chasmere
Meet Kurt Henderson, KOMPAS 4000 2668 OneTech
Meet Kurt Henderson, KOMPAS
Meet Riham Satti, MeVitae 4000 2249 OneTech
Meet Riham Satti, MeVitae
Meet Sukhi Jutla, MarketOrders 4000 2668 OneTech
Meet Sukhi Jutla, MarketOrders
Meet Emma Obanye, Mindful Team 4000 2668 OneTech
Meet Emma Obanye, Mindful Team
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